My team


Hi Team,


I want to introduce this note with my warm and best wishes to everyone, the best for this coming year. In the past it has been real good, but this year has something special for everybody so enjoy it to the max.


As you all know January 29 is getting closer, this mean I am getting ready for my big event, its a big event for me because there will be more than 25,000 runners from all over the world, there would be another 20,000 plus viewers from all over the world. In our team there would be 2 good friends coming from Germany (Laura and Petra) and my «soul brother» (Alejandro) coming from Spain, he will also be running this year.


I have committed to participate on this event and wear proudly the shirt of a cause I support and believe its important to spread all over the world «Stop Human Trafficking» and having the opportunity that «Friends of Maiti Nepal» has given to me, I want to thank greatly for all the help and guidance on making this possible, our great team supporter from Boston and being part of this great non-profit «Sally and Marianne».


I have to give thanks to my mom and dad, without them I would not be present today, all my family which is an awesome support everyday I commit to do something they always are right behind me cheering like champs.


I also give thanks to this important member that makes me stronger and better everyday, my loving partner and bestfriend «Marianella» she is one of the most important person in my life and on my team, the one that stretches me after every hard training session, the one that has to hear from me when I am on a mood, all my love to you «Chuchi».


More thanks to my angel «Amara» she gives me the energy that sometimes is not in me when I am exausted from a hard day and she comes with this killing words and her eyes looking at me saying » dadda let’s go running, come on! «. She is the hard pusher on my soul, when those words make me remember I can not let those innocents girls alone when they are suffering and being abused. This is for you my little «pulga», I will continue to run until one day I just can anymore and I can say from my heart what I did was very well worthy.


Thanks again to my dearest love and photographer Chuchi and my other soul Brother «Giovani», and right with them another soul brother «Andresito» which we know eachother since we were young and I mean young like 10 years old.


This race its important also because when I began running last year I met a good friend «Oscar» and getting a good vibe we team together to make from this event a great event for an extraordinary cause. Oscar thanks to you too for being part of this team, my heart is with you too.


I would like to include a fellow runner I admire and wish also the best on her performance on the coming race calendar she has on her this important year «Julie»


I want to honestly give you guys «MY TEAM» a great and huge applause to you for all this support and faith on keeping this flame burning, I would have not done it so far if there was not this kind of support from you guys and some more others that I problably forget now to mention, but for those one way or another have been part of this journey, Thanks so much !!.


I have come across some obstacles on the preparation of this race, some hard to digest others even more, days when I want to quit, others when the pain is a killer, joints with pressure and stress, knees and calves torture by the effort; but all this ease on me when I remember the pain these girls go through everyday and I see my self complaining from training and that gives me the passion to forget the pain and continue on.


Thanks everyone and I ask all of you a favor today, stop the coffee today, do not smoke today, put less gas on the car, forget the donut today, cook at home today, skip the beauty spa today ( get the idea? ) just make a contribution for others that need it more than you.






Love you all, see you guys at the MIAMI ING on January 29, 2012 !  My green heart will be filled with all you guys words, memories and laughs.



Namaste / Shalom !


** IMPORTANT **  These green hearts are limited because I could only do some with my daugther for this event and do not have much available but who ever makes the contribution they will get one, first come first serve !


Follow the link for a contribution —– >

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