I had the opportunity to go to a job fair yesterday, I was quite impressed of how many people are without a job, that is if we were to take this as number in general. After sitting for more than two hours listening to representatives of organizations, major corporations, and well known business type of people; I left with a bitter taste on my mouth knowing that the US is riding on a very unstable economy and going through a huge recession. Even then, these so-called help corporations offering jobs are nothing more than just a simple game to make the whole world believe that we are actually trying.
I notice how America is digging itself a big hole with this mentality of making people believe that multimillion dollars corps are here to help you. My view on this is that they are not offering what people need to survive or even worse, make the country come out from recession. Is not a secret that the people that are hurt the most are the middle class people, but these people are the ones who rule the entire world and are the ones who always get the biggest hits on terms of laws. When I realized that in this job fair they were searching for positions that can only be filled by NASA personnel, this gave me the right to think that they care little to nothing for middle class.

The audience was filled with regular hard working people that have struggled in the process of trying to find success in life, some with foreclosures, some with bankruptcy, and some others with criminal backgrounds that are trying to re-incorporate into the general community. All these people were there with a hope and faith that they will find their “dream job,» but the reality is that for one reason or another, these little past mistakes in life are huge reasons why we have so much people without a job today. Many are cutting down on budgets to make a living and feed families, while others are just choosing a career that gives them the funds to cover expenses, even sacrificing happiness over money.
We have to stop all this nonsense and make a change on priorities. We have to choose what we love the most over the money we get paid for working. When you do the things you love, the job is not called a job anymore; it becomes “happiness”. Imagine yourself now doing what you love for hours and hours and someone tells you to stop and go eat or clean your room. Most people will react to get upset or even say I will do it later. The main problem here is that we have left or have been forced to abandon what we had done a long time ago…doing what we love in order to simply go to work.
We have now an opportunity to make a change on the world and in our lives with just asking a simple question, «What do I love to do?» From there, go and be the best, for you will have success, because when you apply what you love to do you don’t need to study, for it its inside of you already.
Multimillion dollar corporations are these days looking at people like objects; they select people like cars, in other words, they examine to see what kind of features does this «model» have to offer their company. Value yourself first, love yourself first, and pick yourself first. The reality of the happy life is not based on the corporation that hires you, it’s based on doing what you love to do at your best. Happiness is based on doing the things you love more often. It has nothing to do with money or choosing a career; God gave you one thing that you are excellent at.

Find out what it is and make from that talent your life.

2 comentarios en “happiness

  1. Interesting paper Alfredo, first written in English; and second, the topic about. For all companies, nor only USA, we are just NUMBERS. But if you are doing what you like, keep walking and retire when your part is done.
    I like the paper.. thanks..

  2. Hola (regresando poco a poco a normalidad después de unas ajetreadas vacaciones de verano 🙂 )
    Cuando hacemos lo que nos gusta somos felicices y así de esa manera estamos cumpliendo el proposito de nuestra vida.
    Me encanta tu invitación a descubrir ese talento en nuestra vida.
    Saluditos 😉

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